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Business in Germany. From small to large

One of the striking features of the character of the Germans is entrepreneurial. Approximately 87% of inhabitants of Germany related to private enterprise. And the number is only increasing, it is not always due to the Germans themselves, as among the entrepreneurs in Germany is a lot of foreigners, the number of which is growing.

Business opportunities here for foreigners is almost infinite. You can open a business independently, and to share with the citizens of Germany. Another is an opportunity to buy a ready-made business, buy a franchise. You can also create cooperation with any of the German companies.

So why, you ask, conduct its business in Germany? And here’s why: in addition to good revenue, there are some indisputable advantages.

First, if you have business in Germany, offers a perspective of its expansion up to the entire space of the European Union, besides, the inscription «Made in Germany» on your products will attract many different customers.
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Problems of doing business in Europe

Want to immigrate to Europe through the establishment of their business or have plans to release its business in the EU market? Offer to you to familiarize with opinion about Andrei Veretennikova, which specializes in business immigration, shows its nuances and commented on the choice of the state in the form of interviews.

— Increasing the number of businessmen who wish to leave abroad for permanent residence or to open a business there?

— In my opinion, this is not the case. Imagine that you wanted to go to the West. There are a number of difficulties, which the businessman will not be able to avoid:
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