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Business in Germany: it was worth the risk

People visiting our site, often interested in and ask questions of the type: as far as possible the opening of its business in Germany and what is the cost? If I buy a ready business in Germany, will give me at once the residence permit? What and how much tax you have to pay in case of starting a business in Germany? How to obtain permanent residence in Germany, opening the firm? For answering these questions is always considered as personal situation, and simply wishes.
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The tax system in Germany

The tax system in Germany — one of the most complex in Europe. In it, there are about 45 different types of tax. Of course, not at all necessary to know all. Even being a businessman, that is, the person, which directly relates to regular taxation, should be aware of its three basic types.

This tax is charged only with physical persons. He is also the chief source of funds for the state budget. Taxable object here — income individuals, in General (that is, it can be obtained from different sources).
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