Europe for Business

Sure, sometimes you think that it is time to begin doing business in Europe. And sometimes asked myself, why the same goods or services from Europe to sell not only more profitable but also more prestigious than the same goods or services of local production. Owning a plant or a factory in Russia or Ukraine, you not only want to sell the goods at a higher price and more quickly, but also to export its product to other States, thereby expanding its business and, accordingly, increasing income.

If to estimate the real picture, it will turn out that great sounding slogans «Buy national» or «will implement buy украінське!», but you would prefer to buy a car is not the brand of «Lada» or «Tavria»and BMW, Porsche, Bentley.

This is because the data of the company proved itself at the market as a reliable, prestigious and world-famous, besides, having a German car, you even feel more confident, creating the image of a successful person.

And you won’t be embarrassed from the value of a foreign car, which can exceed the value of the domestic dozens of times, well, it seems we both have 4 wheels, motor and function of carriage performed in the same way. And, despite this, you decide to specify BMW, and not Fret, allowing themselves to use only the best.

Translate this situation on the business. Whether in Europe sold the goods on which it is written «Made in Russia» or «Made in Ukraine»? We can hardly expect to high demand, because if the demand will be, at a price much less than the similar goods of European production, even in case of very good quality product. Therefore, you get less profit than your competitor, for example, producing the neighbouring Ukrainian plant, its products emblazoned inscription any brand «since 1935».

In such a situation, there is one very effective solution is to buy a business in Europe, but not just a business but a business with a history of, and then shall ye possess not mediocre company in Russia or Ukraine, but rather solid European company with a long history. In this case, you can raise prices for its products or services and to compete successfully with its neighbour. Yes, this is a very Patriotic thing and the image of your country’s he raise cannot business because you did not start this, a policy may engage in policy, you will earn more money.

Not necessarily invest money in unwinding their native brand in Europe, it is much easier to have a European company with manufacturing facilities in Russia or Ukraine. For example, you buy the products of Coca Cola, which was done in your country, and its cost is almost two times more than the price Crazy Cola or stake-Obolon at almost the same cost of production. The conclusions do you.

Advantage of such a maneuver is that in your home country and other CIS countries sales will increase as profits, if you specify the packing head office address, which is located somewhere in Central Europe. And no matter what you sell or produce, good reputation European company can quickly you make the leader among the competitors. Besides, the political component in this situation will help make your life easier, avoiding unnecessary inspections and bureaucratic lawlessness, because international conflict anyone on hand will not go, because they check their and European businessmen rather left alone. In the CIS was: to foreigners absolutely different attitude, therefore we advise you to invest in European business, and the more — the better for you.

By the way, better hurry, because the European companies with big and a good story so much, and the sooner you decide to take this action, the more chance you have to escape from the group of competitors.

Western countries, small business is based on the right of private property. And directly the state of his control. For example, in Europe, according to experts, about 20% of the retail trade is conducted in the markets.

In Scandinavia and countries such as Germany and France are in high demand weekend markets and fish markets. This name due to the fact that trading is taking place just one day, and the next on this place is so pure that no one will assume that there was a market.

In Europe, check the status of small business, just looking at the huge number of shops, restaurants, both in large and small cities. A number of these objects depends exclusively on the needs of the market. Another feature of the European small business is that the manufacturer sells its goods to yourself.

But the distinctive feature of small business in the United States is that for the protection of producers from dumping of large companies, adopted the law on prohibition of construction of network shops in settlements with a population of less than 40,000 people — according to the employee of the Association of small business in sphere of the consumer market.

In the USA issues of small entrepreneurship are engaged in various bodies, both in Russia and one government organization called the U.S. Small Business Administration, which was founded in 1953. For more effective management of Affairs, the Director of this organization has direct access to the President of the country.

And in sparsely populated cities in the United States were organized by the Trustees, which consist of experienced entrepreneurs.

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